Research and Development

Research and Development is one of the most significant, strategic activities of PPG Cieszyn SA

We have our own in-use, very well equipped R&D lab. The lab personnel consist of a 75-person team of specialists and technicians, highly experienced in developing industrial coatings and resins.

The main scope of the R&D projects includes:

Strategic development for the future sales development trends for 10 market segments:

  • coil coating system,

  • can coatings, including beverage and food can coatings

  • metal coatings - for construction, agricultural and military machines

  • full product range of powder coatings

  • joinery coatings - for window frames and doors

  • furniture coating systems

  • automotive OEM coatings,

  • road marking paints, including thick-layer materials

  • electro-insulating varnishes

  • resins: polyester, alkyd, acrylic, melamine resins and other specialty resins.

Our research projects focus mostly on the strategic developments:

  • developing new industrial coatings, tailor made for the specific requirements of industrial customers

  • implementing new paint application technologies at customers and customer technical support, in particular to optimise the application conditions

  • continuous upgrading the coating parameters to improve the coating durability and protection of the coated substrates

  • optimising costs

  • continuous improvement of safety and environmental protection processes

  • continuous qualifications improvement of the team, participation in trainings, conferences

  • congresses, and gaining experience in industrial practice.


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