Powder Coatings

The powder coatings offer includes a wide range of products with a variety of parameters and applications. Our offer
consists of polyester powders designed for coating objects exposed to weather factors, as well as of epoxy and epoxy-polyester powders designed for indoor applications. The colour range includes the RAL standard and colours developed according to our customers’ requirements. We produce standard and structural powders, in matt, semi-mat, semi-gloss and high quality. Apart from powder coatings with standard curing parameters, we offer high reactivity powders with reduced curing time or decreased curing temperature. In our offer there is a wide range of powders with the metallic and hammer effect. Within the polyester powder product group we offer Qualicoat certified top quality powders (façade powders) and TGIC free powders. Specialty products include epoxy powders for anticorrosion protection steel pipes in the three layer system. Thanks to such an extensive product offer and well developed distribution network of powder coatings in Poland, combined with high product quality, our powder coatings are very popular and appreciated by powder users.

Faproxyd 100: epoxy powder
Faproxyd 140: high reactivity epoxy powder
Faproxyd 700: epoxy-polyester powder
Faproxyd 710: high reactivity epoxy-polyester powder
Faproxyd 730: epoxy-polyester powder "hammer" effect
Faproxyd 760: epoxy-polyester powder fine structure
Faproxyd 780: epoxy-polyester powder coarse structure
Faproxyd 780R: modified epoxy-polyester powder coarse structure
Faproxyd 700S: epoxy-polyester powder metallic
Faproxyd 780S: epoxy-polyester powder "antique" effect
Faproxyd 600: polyester powder
Faproxyd 610: high reactivity polyester powder
Faproxyd 620: TGIC free powder
Faproxyd 628: TGIC free powder coarse structure
Faproxyd 680: polyester powder coarse structure
Faproxyd 660: polyester powder fine structure
Faproxyd 626: TGIC free polyester powder fine structure
Faproxyd 628S: TGIC free powder "antique" effect
Faproxyd 620S: TGIC free powder metallic
Faproxyd 623: polyester powder "hammer" effect


  • Epoxy-Polyester powders
  • EPE 40
  • EPE 54


  • WPE 48 CLEAR
  • WPE 58
  • WPE 59
  • WPE 68

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