Environmental Care and Safety

Safety at PPG Cieszyn S.A.

According to the Policy adopted, all employees of our company are expected to fulfil their duties in the possibly safe and environmental-friendly way. This objective is represented by compliance with the regulatory requirements, i.e. the basic element of ensuring environmental protection and occupational safety.

The management of the company, striving at improvement of the organization of the company, decided to implement the Integrated Management System, including comprehensive systems: quality assurance (ISOP 9001), safety (PN-18001 and OHSAS18001 specification) and environmental safety management (ISO 14001). This system is currently being implemented by means of integration with the quality management system, operational in the company for several year.

Our company satisfies all the regulatory requirements of safety and environmental protection.

The IPPC integrated permit plays the most important role from its significance point of view, also in light of the EU legislation requirements. In 2005 we received such permit for the resin plant operation, for the production facilities of car body chemical treatment materials (phosphates), and for the landfill of not hazardous materials. The fact of having such permit confirms satisfaction of a range of stringent criteria of environmental protection assurance. The remaining installations are also compliant with the statutorily required environmental management level.

The monitoring system used on site and around the site premises ensures regular supervision of the environmental impacts. This monitoring includes the air pollution, soil, underground waters and surface waters levels.  Additionally, air emissions, affluent and wastes measurements are taken. The waste management ensures selective waste collection and recycling possibility onsite, as wells as guarantees that wastes to be disposed are transferred only to entitled waste handling entities.

Relevant organization actions ensure meeting the required recycling level of wastes introduced into the Polish market.

The protection of the waters of the Olza river, located next to the site, has been recently significantly improved by means of installing oil traps on all the rain water outlets on the site premises. Independently of the above improvements, rain waters are treated by means of the willow plant roots (Salix viminalis).

The management puts special emphasis on ensuring the appropriate safety conditions for the company’s employees and subcontractor’s employees. Monitoring of the job risks, process risk and explosion hazards, providing technical, organizational and individual protection measures for the employees – all this constitutes the basis for safe operation of technological process and ensuring final product quality compliant with the customer requirements.

All the three organization management elements – safety, environmental protection and quality – constitute a synergic system, the proper use of which in the daily life of the organization ensures achievement of the main objective of any company – the customer satisfaction.


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