PPG Cieszyn SA exists to enrich people’s lives through the use of our coatings. To succeed, we must compete on quality and price, and we also need to act responsibly within our global business. We want to enrich people’s lives in a wider sense: by creating opportunities for personal and social development, as well as by developing new products that care and protect even more effectively and by minimizing environmental impact.

The core values of our business align well with these corporate responsibilities.

Business Driven

Through constant innovation we are increasing the performance of our coatings. We provide solutions that both protect and enhance the appearance of things around us and increase their functionality. At the same time, our drive to reduce waste and cut costs means we continuously monitor all our activities.

Dedicated to People

We strive to build rewarding, long-term relationships with everyone affected by our business: our customers, consumers, employees, stakeholders, communities and suppliers. The welfare, the personal development, and safety of our employees, customers and consumers, are our primary responsibility.

Positive Thinking

Looking to the future with confidence requires us to focus on sustainability and a lighter ecological footprint for the generations to follow. It is a commitment at the heart of our business


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