Our offer includes a wide range of resins and paint binders, available as solutions as well as powders (100% polyester
resins of powder coatings production), and additives used in paint production.

1. Ftalak - Long-oil alkyd resins mostly used for production of air drying or forced drying coatings . They are used as the basic binder in general use industrial coatings.

2. Ftalak - Medium-oil and short-oil alkyd resins used for production of stoving coatings (combined with melamine resins), NC coatings (combined with nitrocellulose), and acid curing coatings (combined with carbamide resins). They are suitable also for production of air drying primers, base coats, putties, etc.

3. Policen - Saturated powder polyester resins used for production of a wide range of powder coatings.

4. Eskon - Unsaturated polyester resins used as construction resins.

5. Celakryl - Solventborne acrylic resins used for production of road marking paints and fast curing high gloss topcoats.

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